Muli and sabo

Shoes without a backdrop, of course, will be the most exclusive trend of the summer of 2018. The triumphant returning was made possible through the efforts of such brands as Versace, Balenciaga, Jimmy Choo, Saint Laurent, Louis Vuitton, Fendi, Chloé and Gucci. 

Virtually every woman will find in the closet laconic mules or rough clogs, because they are now at the peak of popularity. These models of footwear of such type, that the person who doesn't know «shoe subtleties», can not quickly distinguish them. Their main similarity is the lack of a backdrop and the upper part, an alliance. It is usually quite wide, it covers the whole part of the leg from the fingers to the bend, most often the toe part is closed, but recently the designers offer models with an open nose and a thinner and elegant arm. 

With such general features, muuli and clogs are really not so easy to distinguish, although they have even more differences than similarities. The first is the history of origin. The first mention of mules (from the Latin "mulleus calceus", which means "thinker") comes from ancient Rome. Then this footwear was exclusively man's and rather rather privileged status. Sabo (from the French "sabot") is another story: originally this footwear was made in France for workers (artisans and farmers) from a whole and solid piece of wood. Its purpose was to provide the person with maximum comfort and protect his feet from dirt. The clogs have many "brothers" in Europe, for example, klopes in the Netherlands or in the UK. These shoes became really popular, thanks to cheapness, high wear resistance and waterproofness. The second is the sole. The sabot has a cast, fairly wide, stable platform, usually made of wood or cork. They are most aimed at comfort, they fix the leg well and are considered the best footwear for every day. The mule has a heel, it can be of different heights and widths. The absence of a massive sole gives such shoes a special elegance and femininity. From this follows the third main difference - the compatibility with this or that style. Correctly chosen mules well suited even to the evening, especially on high heels. But it's hard to imagine clogs with this way, after all, these shoes are more everyday. 

Decidely, mules and clogs are one of the most trendy footwear models of the summer of 2018, and our Company will help to realize your ideas on the most high-quality and comfortable soles.