How to buy a shoe sole


Today we offer our customers to buy soles, choosing from a wide range of models. Every season we develop a new collection of soles. A whole team of professionals is working on the creation of a single model. Before the appearance of a finished sole, many stages take place, starting with the study of trends, ideas and the development of the first sketches of a new model. The final stage is the development of molds and the casting of ready-made soles in various colors. Thanks to the well-established production and large product base, you can wholesale soles for summer, winter and demi-season shoes. In addition to choosing from an existing database, we offer a unique service - buy soles by making a special order (СП). СП - individual development of sole models by our fashion designers, exclusively for your shoe production.

A little more about СП orders.

Special Sole Orders. Wholesale Sole Orders

We have 2 types of special sole orders:

1. Order of our model in exclusive colors

For any model, you can choose a color from the existing AC-Step palette that we will provide to you. Or we will create a completely new color for you, for example, repeating the color of the upper shoe material for monochrome models.

In addition, we have the possibility of manufacturing one-, two-, and three-colored soles, as well as branding existing models with a logo. A large percentage of the models in our collections provide for the use of a replaceable element to create a logo on the protector. We also apply the logo using a tampon print cliché. If necessary, our designers can make adjustments to the logo for the client.

2. Order of an individual sole model

The development of sole designs by our designers is based on personal discussions with clients. Joint development of the proposal includes an analysis of fashion trends and production requirements:

  • Development of models with modern shoe last shapes;
  • Consideration of the peculiarities of foot anatomy for different regions;
  • Creating soles that meet the requirements and peculiarities of the production lines of specific brands.

When receiving a request for the development of an individual model, we take into account all the details: the segment in which the client operates, the choice of material, sole thickness, color, logo, and other details.

Stages of development:

  - we create a selection of samples for the client depending on their request

  - after agreeing on the necessary sample, we approve the sketch of the future model

  - we send the client a wooden model of the sole, and if necessary, we refine it according to the client's wishes. The finished sample becomes the prototype of the future sole

  - after making the press form based on the prototype, we cast the required batch of products (the volume of the batch is discussed individually) and send it to the client

Your benefits of cooperation with us



     - high-quality raw materials, testing of finished soles in the quality control laboratory

Product range

     - range of sole models made of TR, PU, Eva, leather, styrene, heels, soles, heeltaps, and insoles

Constant updating of models

     - each season we create a new collection and individually present it to our clients

Product samples

     - we provide ready-made samples of soles, shoe lasts, and finished shoes on our soles

Simplicity and convenience

     - ease of gluing soles in mass production of shoes

Professional assistance

     - our specialists are always ready to answer your questions, provide consultation, and training


     - established logistics ensures timely delivery of wholesale purchases of soles

Individual approach

     - the possibility of an individual approach to the development of models, taking into account all the client's requirements and wishes

On our company's website, you can choose from existing collections of men's, women's, and children's models. To do this, you need to register.

Examples of women's soles:

cros-3 Cros-3 Cros-3 Cros-3 C-152 C-152 OMEGA-2 C-157 HILARY AMINA-5 0017 0056 VERA-8 KETRIN-5 С-558 С-527

Examples of men's soles::


All soles can be purchased after registering on the website.

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