The Pantone Color Institute has released a report for the fashion industry, presenting a palette of 10 primary and 5 classic neutral shades. Bright and saturated colors will return to the top of the trends: after the prolonged lockdown, challenging economic situation, and long winter months, they will inspire creativity and bring optimism.

"...the colors of the spring/summer 2021 season combine comfort, relaxation, and bursts of energy that stimulate and uplift our mood," characterized the palette Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute.

Style Step designers are already studying the trends in the ready-to-wear shoe market and will soon present a Trendbook with a selection of shoe outfit ideas.

Get inspired by trendy shades and create your unique collection with them.

10 primary colors of the spring/summer 2021 season:

Natural looks and classicism make outfits inventive.

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