Among our great variety of lasts you can surely select a lot of appropriate variants with necessary characteristics, which allows you to produce unbeatably comfortable footwear.

TR soles

We can offer large variety of high-quality TR soles with different processing and decoration techniques.

Among our advantages we should mention the three - coloured soles molding which is possible due to the advanced equipment.


We offer large variety of soles droduced of different materials - PU ,TPU , PVC which are characterized by the increased wear resistance. They can be presented in single colour variant as well as with tampography and different variants of natural colours.


We offer wide range of heels of different shapes, heights and various colours. Lacquer, matte silk, galvanic, decorative and natural tampography, gradient and leather-stacked heels - all your requests can be fulfilled to create the unique shoe pattern.

Tunit/ styrol

We produce a large variety of tunits and styrols, of different colours with a wide choice of thickness in protectors, of prints and die stamping.


We perform more than 50 processes, among which is welt application, metal inserts, coating with the leather effect, die stamping,
application of laser pattern which can also include the client's logo.

EVA sole

We produce a wide range of EVA soles. This light and flexible sole with high abrasive resistance will rightly maintain your reputation of high quality footwear production.


We provide our Clients with shoe trend selection from the best world designers to assist in new collections creation on our accessory equipment.


We produce all kinds of insoles including personalized for your last, lux insoles with enforsed shanks and latex insoles for more comfortable shoes.

Style Step Collection development

We create our own designs to present our collection in models. Besides we suggest our models and collections design for each client individually.

About us

Establishing AC-Step company we were guided by the mission which we follow until now: develop the footwear industry, providing the full complex of services, implementing innovative technologies and following the best trends. We try to do our best to rise individual wealth and well-being of our Partners, helping them to create modern and comfortable shoes to keep up with the times.


The greatest value of our company is our staff members. AC-Step is proud of each its member and does its best to create the special atmosphere in which you can feel the company’s care and have possibility for self fulfillment. We prefer candidates with strong personal qualities, while professional skills can be gained, especially working in tandem with competent tutors. We can offer you to become a part of our large and friendly team,to study and pursue professional passions as well as interesting, meaningful career at promising market.

Now and forever one step ahead!