Establishing АС-STEP company we were guided by the mission which we follow until now: develop the footwear industry, providing the full complex of services, implementing innovative technologies and following the best trends. We try to do our best to rise individual wealth and well-being of our partners, helping them to create modern and comfortable shoes to keep up with the times.

Countries with which we cooperate

russia Russia
Belarus Belarus
Poland Poland
Kyiv Kyiv
Kharkiv Kharkiv
lviv Lviv
Dnepr Dnipro
Slovakia Slovakia
Moldova Moldova
Hungary Hungary
Odesa Odesa
Romania Romania
georgia Georgia
Armenia Armenia

Компания АС-STEP - крупнейший производитель комплектующих для обуви в Украине. Мы используем самую лучшую производственную базу и новейшие технологии. За счет современного оборудования и профессионализма сотрудников мы предлагаем Вам высокое качество продукции.

АС-STEP – яркий пример успешно развивающейся компании. Мы начинали в 2000 году и уже сейчас, много лет спустя, можем с уверенностью сказать: нас знают и за пределами Украины.

Создавая компанию АС-STEP мы руководствовались миссией, которой следуем и сейчас: развивать обувную отрасль, представляя комплекс услуг и решений, внедряя лучшие тенденции, инновационные технологии, повышая этим как личное благосостояние, так и благосостояние наших партнёров, помогая им создавать современную и удобную обувь и идти в ногу со временем.

Our partners

ARTSTEP is the only company in the CIS which produces and sales accessories for foorwear and another branches of light industry. In 2010 the company began working and took the place in the market at once.

Company offers all categories of accessories for footwear production, from consumables to exclusive models. The possibility of individual product development and branding of a number of existing positions allows customers to obtain a unique product that has no analogues in the market.

Every season ARTSTEP's clients receive new unique accessories collection. It includes world's fashion trends and designers' ideas. All products are tested for durability and usability. The company is doing everything to ensure that customers appreciate the ease of use and propose them ready to use shoe images which only need to be materialized.

EKOJ is a leading provider of materials, alternative to natural leather, also of related goods for footwear production. Providing quality of international standards, EKOJ is moving towards the purpose of supplying its high-tech, high-quality innovative product to all shoe manufacturers of Ukraine and CIS.

Since 2000, our company has earned tremendous experience in the manufacture of components for the footwear industry. We are actively developing this direction and today we are ready to introduce you a wide range of NGS machines. We offer an unique product that has no analogues in the market (price/quality ratio). Our company builds individual partnership relations with each client, taking into account all your wishes. Today most of the world famous footwear manufacturers already work with us. All the NGS equipment lines you can see in our showrooms. We are NGS-company and we will gladly share with you the accumulated experience. We are open for partnership.

NGS: Your future is your choice.