From the fall-winter 2019 season, we began to sell pads of joint Italian-Polish production, which is located in Odessa.

Ital AC Step pads have a number of undeniable advantages:

  • the last is made of high quality materials, which contain the highest percentage of primary raw materials, which increases the life of the last itself;
  • the parameters of the presented pads correspond as much as possible to the initial sample (master model), which allows minimizing errors in volumes and creating a gradation according to the customer's order. In the case of using metal plates in the last, the slope is maximally preserved, so that the insoles and heels are ideal;
  • laser marking lasts a long time and allows identification of the last even after a large number of shoe removals;
  • laser marking for modeling simplifies model development;
  • and, one of the most important advantages, you can purchase high quality of popular models of pads at a Ukrainian price.

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