The greatest value of our Company is our staff.

AC-Step is proud of each member and does its best to create the special atmosphere in which you can feel the company’s care and have possibility for self-realization.

It surely can be called the real friendship. Each of us has his own idea of friendship and we all are united by the great desire to work together in a team and meet each other every day.

Where has it come from? It begins from the stage of staff recruitment. We prefer candidates with strong personal qualities, while professional skills can be casted aside.

The experience can be always gained, especially working in tandem with competent tutors, who are ready to share their knowledge and working skills. They are not only highly professional specialists, but also bright personalities who make up a pleasant and enjoyable company.

What can we offer you?

1. To become a part of our large and friendly team.
We can accomplish qualitatively the purposes set forth, achieve excellent results, relax and have fun together, we have sense of humor, we are very friendly and we are really involved with what we do.

2. To study and pursue professional passions.
Our adaptation and internal training systems are worked out to complete interesting tasks together with possibility to become a real professional.

3. Interesting, meaningful career at promising market.
Fashion business is an industry with strong growth that guarantees the correct career choice.

  • Friendly team
  • Professional Development
  • Worthy reward
  • Official car
  • Convenient offices
  • 4-week vacation
  • Delivery from regions
  • Flexible schedule for students
  • Corporate Holidays
What is important for us in the candidate?
Personal qualities
Practical assignment
Check in operation