New colors Pantone Fall-Winter 2019/2020

Every season, the team at the Pantone Color Institute compiles a report on fashion color trends. This overview highlights the top colors that designers used in their collections presented during the fashion weeks in New York and London.

The main color of 2019, Living Coral, has already been widely discussed. We will tell you about the colors from the Pantone report on the New York Fashion Week that you can use when creating your autumn-winter collections.

This Pantone report includes 12 main colors and 4 classic neutral shades. Food and nature are the two themes that inspired the Color Institute when creating the color selection for the next season.

"This palette of diverse shades creates a sense of strength and confidence, allowing the owner to choose colors that best reflect their mood and personality," said Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute, describing the autumn-winter palette.

CHILI PEPPER is a deep and intense red shade inspired by the spice of chili pepper, and will add a bit of drama and excitement to your look.

BIKING RED is a dark red color that, despite its unusual name, will look good in a classic style. It will add strictness, strength, and power to your look.

CRÈME DE PÊCHE is a delicate light pink shade inspired by peach liqueur and speaks of softness and airiness.

Peach Pink is a shade that combines orange and pink, resembling the color of the year - Living Coral. It was inspired by the Italian cocktail Bellini made from sparkling wine and peach puree.

ROCKY ROAD is a shade of brown inspired by a chocolate dessert with the same name. We believe this color will fit well in a men's wardrobe and will find its application in urban styles.

FRUIT DOVE is an elegant and restrained pink color inspired by the bright coloring of exotic doves from Asian tropical forests. This color will definitely win over women's sympathies and will look interesting in different styles.

SUGAR ALMOND is a warm and sweet shade of brown with a reddish undertone.

DARK CHEDDAR is a subdued shade of yellow that borders on orange. This bright hue of aromatic cheddar cheese will make your outfit sunny and will look organically in a sporty style.

GALAXY BLUE - a deep blue shade reminiscent of the infinity of the universe.

BLUESTONE - a light grayish-blue shade that symbolizes calm determination. Pantone was inspired by a beach with blue stones in Indonesia to create this color.

ORANGE TIGER - this shade of orange, although inspired by the colorful fur of predators, is much brighter and almost neon. This bold and energetic color will invigorate you and give you fearless energy.

EDEN - a deep dark green shade that transports us to a heavenly garden with its name. This traditional color will fit well in both classic and casual looks.

Classic neutral shades from the additional palette are strong and self-sufficient, so they can be used as a basis for an outfit or create interesting color combinations.

VANILLA CUSTARD - this creamy shade of white will perfectly complement the bright colors from the main palette.

EVENING BLUE - this confident and classic dark blue shade symbolizes the evening sky. This color will find application in both men's and women's wardrobes.

PALOMA - a simple but very elegant shade of gray is perfect for creating a classic look, and it can easily be combined with bright colors from the main palette.

GUACAMOLE - a juicy and bright green color, inspired by the Mexican avocado dish, will look great in sporty style and will definitely freshen up your look.

The colors that designers showcase on the runway will soon be seen in various designs. Therefore, the Pantone report will be an excellent guide to the most important color trends of the season. Get inspired by trendy shades and use them to create your unique collection.

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