The long series of shows on the catwalks of London has come to an end, and we are eager to tell you about the most important trends presented at the high fashion weeks by London's global brands.

KEY TREND - "Subversive Sexy"

The controversial seductive style of "Subversive Sexy" has made its way into the new season with even bolder and simultaneously feminine silhouettes. This time, famous London designers based their designs on layering. They successfully combined transparent fabrics, frills, and leather inserts. At the same time, additional elegance was created thanks to deep cutouts that reveal the beauty of the female figure. These outfits undoubtedly turned the idea of sexy feminine clothing upside down.

KEY COLOR - "Butter"

After reviewing London Fashion Week, it can be noted that the main color trend of the Spring/Summer 20/21 season, highlighted by all the famous designers of fashion houses, is the color of butter. Victoria Beckham, for example, used this color in her fitted draped dresses. Designer Molly Goddard added a buttery neutral shade to her collection of voluminous dresses. The British brand 16Arlington used deep buttery shades in everyday outfits. This color trend was also present at fashion weeks in New York and Copenhagen, so it's definitely added to the list of must-have key colors for the Spring/Summer 20/21 collection.

KEY LOOK - "Romantic Dress"

Beautiful romantic dresses have long been popular in New York, and in the Spring/Summer 20/21 season, they have become the basis for creativity in London's fashion houses as well. Designers have shown ingenuity and given free rein for experiments with a variety of forms. In the striking "Romantic Dress" looks, there are elegant ruffles and impeccable tailoring, and contrasting lace edges with various trims add a special charm and uniqueness to each dress.

KEY TREND - "Furnishing Florals"

The Erdem fashion house collection drew special attention during London Fashion Week. The designers were so inspired by the famous novel "The Volcano Lover" that they decided to fill their spring-summer collection with rich prints and exclusive embroidery. Interior patterns have remained relevant and continue to influence design decisions. A large number of delicate floral prints enriched the dresses and made them an indispensable part of the spring-summer image in collections at London Fashion Week.

KEY DETAIL - "Cutout"

Cutouts have regained popularity during London Fashion Week, after receiving high praise at shows in New York. London designers also skillfully embodied their creative ideas in the spring-summer collections. Victoria Beckham added cutouts to basic dresses, thus introducing a new look to a simple minimalist image. Experiments with cutouts are very important and undoubtedly mandatory in the 20/21 season.


It can be assumed that the most fashionable and unusual footwear was shown precisely on the catwalks of London Fashion Week. The collections of the spring-summer 20/21 season are saturated with bold, sensational, and creative ideas of world brand designers. “Pronounce” preferred combinations of fur in several shades, while Molly Goddard teamed up with the popular Ugg. The collaboration of two world-famous brands presented bright and creative models of footwear in their collections. Unusual accents on footwear and accessories will undoubtedly be important in the spring-summer 20/21 season.

DENIM: "Florals"

As already mentioned, the floral print has become one of the key points on the fashion catwalks in the spring-summer 20/21 collections. With the same sensationalism, the floral trend invaded London collections of denim clothing. Designers added a light vintage 80s style to floral prints, and this decision was a win-win for spring-summer looks.

In summary, about London Fashion Week, the 20/21 spring-summer season, it can confidently be said that there are no limits to imagination, experimentation, and diversity of ideas. Key trends are presented, and now it is necessary to simply embody your creative solutions in life.

Photo materials are taken from the site:https://www.livingly.com

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