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Explore our range of wholesale heels in Ukraine. The company produces high-quality heels of various models for shoes of different styles and shapes. From the product catalog, you can choose and buy heels of various shapes and heights. The production technologies and high-quality materials ensure the durability, noiselessness, and longevity of our products. On the website, it is possible to choose and buy heels wholesale, as well as purchase heel tips, soles, hardware, leatherette, styrene, and shanks for adjusting your models. You can also familiarize yourself with the options of ready-made shoes offered in the trendbook.

Structure of the heel

The heel is an external detail of the shoe designed to lift the heel of the foot. The heel serves as a point of support, which is attached to the heel part with brackets or screws.

Currently, there are a huge number of heels that are divided by height, thickness, and shape.

Heel height

Heels in the AC-Step company are divided by height:

  • 0.5 cm;
  • 1 cm;
  • 2 cm;
  • 4 cm;
  • 5 cm;
  • 6 cm;
  • 7 cm;
  • 8 cm;
  • 9 cm;
  • 9.5 cm.

Manufacturing of heels at AC-Step

Our experienced designers develop women's heels, which is why you can always buy heels for producing the most trendy directions and styles of shoes. To exclude errors in heels for creating the first samples, we use 3D technology. For the manufacture of heels, we mainly use high-strength plastic compounds. We make durable stable heels for shoes that are easy to work with. In addition, for each heel, you can purchase ready-made styrene and leatherette. Heels with leatherette are used to create summer or demi-season shoes. Heels with styrene are used for colder weather, mainly winter and demi-season shoes.

At AC-Step production, we manufacture:

  • Heels with coloring in any color and shade (glossy, matte);
  • Heels with pad printing (application of a pattern);
  • Heels for covering with leather, suede, and other materials;
  • Heels with flock coloring (with a velvet surface);
  • Structural heels;
  • Transparent shoe heels.

We also manufacture heel tips:

  • Standard tip (5mm thickness);
  • 8mm thickness tip;
  • Full heel breast;
  • Tip for covering with leather.

We make heel tips in two main colors: honey and black.

Heel shapes

You can buy heels of such shapes on our website and in our catalogs:

VIENNESE HEEL - used for everyday shoes. It is a low heel of about 0.5-2. This heel is the most comfortable for everyday wear. The Viennese heel is used in sandals, ballet flats, loafers, derbies, ankle boots, and boots.

BRICK-SHAPED HEEL - used to create stable shoes. The heel has a square shape, rounded at the back. The height of the heel is 2-4 cm. It is found in both men's and women's shoes, such as dress shoes, boots, chelsea, oxfords, boots, and ankle boots.

WEDGE HEEL - the heel shape resembles a wedge that tapers downwards. It can have any height. The heel is considered versatile and suitable for many shoe models. These heels are suitable for shoes, sandals, boots, ankle boots, etc.

COWBOY HEEL - a low heel with a square shape and a beveled back. Mostly used to create cowboy boots.

TRAPEZOIDAL HEEL - a heel with a wide base at the top and even wider at the bottom. This heel is stable and comfortable to wear. It looks interesting and massive, used for shoes and ankle boots. Suitable for regular boots and high boots.

LOUIS HEEL - the height of the heel is usually no more than 5 cm. This heel has a wide base at the top and tapers towards the bottom. The heel shape resembles a shot glass. It is used to create shoes, and such heels are also used for sandals.

COLUMN HEEL - used to create high and stable shoes. They have a simple rectangular shape that is the same width at the top and bottom. Thanks to their convenience, these heels are most often used to create models with high heels such as shoes, boots, ankle boots, etc.

SPIKE HEEL - is a high heel from 7 cm and above, with a small thickness of 1-2 cm. Used for sandals, shoes, boots.

FITTED HEEL - These heels are rarely used. Most often they are created for model shows, exclusive designer collections. Figured heels can have a different design, height, and shape.

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