ZIPPERS FOR SHOE MANUFACTURING The choice of components for shoe production should be approached responsibly. The manufacturing business requires the procurement of good raw materials and materials for making products.

Zippers are in high demand in shoe production. This convenient accessory has become an indispensable element on many pairs of shoes. Such a detail is designed for easy fixation of products. The shoe zipper is often used as a decorative element on the product.

In the process of making the zipper, it is important to follow the requirements of the technological process. ARTZIP company complies with all necessary conditions when creating zipper accessories. The manufacturer's product quality guarantee is confirmed by certificates from the international expert company SGS.

Assortment of zippers for shoes

ARTZIP company presents a wide range of products that will be an excellent solution for implementing any design idea. The shoe zipper easily withstands mechanical stress and remains resistant to water.

The manufacturer's product includes the following items:

  • metal zipper;
  • spiral (nylon) zipper;
  • water repellent zipper;
  • roll-up zipper;
  • runners;
  • stoppers.

ARTZIP zipper can be made in any color palette: white, black, blue, emerald, red, blue, beige, brown, etc. Its metal teeth are offered in galvanization (gold, silver, dark nickel). The spiral fastener is made in the monochrome of the ribbon and links. The size of the teeth is 5 and 8 mm. The zipper is cut to the required length. For large-scale tailoring, a roll-up zipper is suitable. The zipper is sold complete with stoppers and runners.

ARTZIP undertakes individual developments, and applies logos to zippers and pendants using casting or laser technology. Branding of products allows for an original transformation of the finished shoe’s appearance, as well as giving the trade mark recognition.

How to choose a zipper manufacturer for shoes

ARTZIP has established itself as a trusted manufacturer and supplier of zippers for shoes. The company's products are chosen by shoemakers from Ukraine, Poland, Moldova, Belarus, and others.

It is possible to quickly place an order for a shoe zipper closure in the online store. All displayed products are available. It is possible to purchase the zipper both wholesale and retail. By using the interactive zipper builder, the customer can visualize the assembled zipper. Also, in the blog on the website, you can learn about recommendations for using the zipper.

To see samples of zipper hardware, it is possible to visit ARTZIP brand showrooms located in Odessa, Kharkiv, Dnipro, Lviv, and Brovary. The company has regularly replenished inventory, which facilitates quick delivery of goods.

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