Equipment for shoe business

Equipment for Shoe Business

To occupy a niche and establish a leading position in the shoe industry, it is necessary to use high-quality components and specialized equipment. Automation of the shoe production process is the key to producing a quality product and maintaining an entrepreneur's reputation.

Range of Equipment for Shoe Production

International company NGS offers the supply of machines for the complete production cycle of creating shoes. To facilitate the search for shoe equipment, the company has launched a website. The online catalog features over 250 industrial machines with built-in Japanese components, as well as related products to choose from.

Each machine performs a function at a specific stage. Human resources are only used to service the machines. Working with the equipment does not require specialized training of the operator - one-time training is sufficient.

Using shoe equipment contributes to increased production volumes and profits. The quality of the previous pair corresponds to the subsequent one. As a result, the consumer acquires a ready-made product without defects.

Stages of Shoe Production

The supplier's product range includes machines that correspond to each stage of shoe production. To orient oneself in the proposed assortment, it is important to understand the specifics and stages of shoe production.

At the material cutting stage, it is customary to use machines for:

  • measuring the finished leather;
  • aligning the material;
  • cutting the material;
  • trimming the edges;
  • trimming excess leather;
  • embossing and applying a stamp.

To prepare the blanks and stitch the details of the future product, equipment for shoe production of the appropriate type is used:

  • applying glue;
  • bonding materials;
  • installing hardware and additional components;
  • forming vamp;
  • edging;
  • stitching details;
  • smoothing seams.

The stage of assembling and tightening the shoe blank includes the following machines:

  • forming and steaming the blank;
  • gluing the toe cap;
  • lasting and tightening edge;
  • aligning the blank;
  • welt sewing;
  • sole attachment;
  • heel attachment.

The final maneuvers with the finished shoes are carried out at the finishing stage of the shoe business, by usage of equipment for:

  • shank forming;
  • painting and polishing.

Cooperation with the Equipment Supplier NGS

Choosing a reliable supplier of consumables and equipment for shoe production is a responsible task for a shoemaker. The quality of the end product and customer loyalty depend on the level of equipment of the production line.

You can buy shoe equipment directly from the supplier's warehouse online. On the NGS website, the range of products for each production department is presented in an accessible and understandable way. To purchase goods and receive consultation, you can also contact them by phone or visit their showrooms.

Shoe equipment from NGS includes:

  • cooperation with manufacturers from European countries;
  • availability of goods in stock;
  • warranty for servicing;
  • services for initial machine setup;
  • arrangement of workshops for shoe production of any type turnkey;
  • free staff training;
  • 24/7 operational support.
Choose to be the best - choose NGS equipment!
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